Are you buying a property? Are you selling? Is it your first time going through this and you’re thinking that the whole conveyancing process is overwhelming?


Well, guess what? You’re right!


However, if you hire the right conveyancer, you will get through each stage without feeling like you don’t ever want to do this again.


Whether you’re buying or selling, there surely are a lot of things in your head that you would want to talk about. In this blog, we will take a look at 5 important questions to ask your conveyancer early on for you to know what to expect from the whole process and to know if they’re “right” for you!


  1. “What are you helping me with?”


You can start by asking what exactly are the things they can help you with and you don’t have to feel shy about it. It’s totally acceptable to wonder why you need to hire a professional. Yes, they’re around to take care of legal stuff but it’s not wrong to see a breakdown of the services you will be paying for.


  1. “How much is this going to cost?”


Now that you have enough idea of what you’re getting, you’ll want to know how much they’re for. It’s ideal to get several quotes from different conveyancers to compare and see what constitutes good value.


But remember this:


“Cheap price doesn’t always equate to good choice.”


Take the time to look at what your quote covers. Scan thoroughly and pay attention to details, it might save you time and money.


  1. “Who will I be dealing with on a regular basis?”


The goal is to always have a smooth experience. And having to repeat yourself to your conveyancer’s colleagues is not part of it. It’s important to deal with only one person as much as possible to avoid confusion and misunderstanding.


  1. “How long is the process going to take?”


This is one of the questions conveyancers get a lot. Although the answers you will get from asking this question are most likely averages and approximations, it’s still good to ask just so your conveyancer knows you don’t like to be kept waiting around.


  1. “is it possible to speed up the process?


This is a very common question to ask especially when you’re in a hurry to get stuff done. There are plenty of ways you can do to finish things efficiently from drawing of contract to the day of settlement. You just have to ask your conveyancer.